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Intermediate Alto Saxophone

The MAS-301 GL is our interpretation of a high quality intermediate alto saxophone that comes with professional features for an extremely competitive price. Exceptional build quality and carefully selected materials result in a solid feel, durability, and longevity.


Professional tuning offers accurate intonation, a beautiful tone, and great response. Spring loaded pivot screw receivers, tolerance-free key fitting, and blued needlesprings make for a tight and accurate action.

This model comes with leather pads with Selmer Super Action “80” style metal resonators for excellent projection. It has a gold-lacquered body and real mother of pearl touch pieces, as well as an elegant floral engraving on bell, body, and neck.

The saxophone comes with a mouthpiece, ligature, mouthpiece cap, neck strap, and swab. Its upgraded case is equipped with shoulder strap, handles, and back pack straps as well as an external compartment for sheet music.


1 year warranty

MAS-301GL 3.jpg
MAS-301GL 2.jpg
MAS-301GL 7.jpg
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