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High Brass


Intermediate Trumpet

The MTR-635L is an intermediate trumpet at the beginners price point.

Its rose gold brass lead pipe and bell section, as well as its gold brass inner slide provide a beautiful lyrical and velvety sound. It slots extremely well to ensure it’s always a joy to pick it up.


Its “Getzten Jazz“ style main tuning slide offers crisp projection.
This model has nickel plated slide receivers, standard water keys, third tuning slide stopper screw, an adjustable 3rd tuning slide finger ring, and a 1st tuning slide thumb cradle.

The extra solid valve casing and stainless steel valves provide sturdiness and longevity. The valves are hand honed and lapped with medium heavy bottom valve caps which contribute to its rich sound.
It has metal valve buttons and a gold brass mouthpiece receiver.

It comes with a 7 C mouthpiece, LaTromba valve oil, and an upgraded case is equipped with shoulder strap, handles, and back pack straps as well as an external compartment.

1 year warranty.

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